Friday, March 13, 2009

UTC Region 3 Spring Meeting Review, Biloxi MS, March 4 -6 2009

This was the first regional UTC show we had the opportunity to attend or speak at, so we were fortunate to do both. There was a well attended vendor showcase on the evening of the 5th. About 30 vendors had booths and were kept busy by the 150 plus attendees. The next day consisted of 5 technical paper presentations. In addition to Spectrum Bridge, GE, Tait and Exhalt focused on wireless technologies and solutions. All the presentations were well received and elicited good questions from the audience.

Many utilities expressed a significant need for spectrum that supports point to point microwave and backhaul, in addition to mobile radio and wide area networks for automatic meter reading /smart infrastructure. This provides additional opportunities for Spectrum Bridge as our microwave portfolio becomes more robust in both coverage and channel capacity.

Spectrum Bridge will also be exhibiting at the UTC Telecom 2009 show in Las Vegas from June 1st through the 4th. If you are attending this show - please come see us.

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