Monday, November 24, 2008

New Site Revealed

The website just completed its face lift this weekend. The site remains a portal and showcase for the SpecEx marketplace (for trading licensed spectrum), but it now also includes more info on:
  • The FCC's view of secondary markets
  • A breakdown of how SpecEx works for Buyers and Sellers of spectrum
  • Education on the secondary market
  • "Get Started" section for demos, eNewsletters, spectrum requests
  • and more.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WCAI Trade Show Follow-Up

“The conference began the day of the presidential election, so that was fresh on everyone’s minds, “says Beverly Lambright, a member of Spectrum Bridge’s marketing team. “But the big buzz was focused on the economy and how that will be affecting the wireless industry."

The 3-day, annual conference included 700 registrants, 20 exhibitors, and 63 speakers in 19 panel sessions on wireless topics from WiMax deployment in North America to digital television white space and beyond. Attendees enjoyed keynote addresses from Kevin Martin, Chairman of the FCC, Benjamin Wolff, CEO of Clearwire and Larry Page of Google, among others.

The event also hosted a Broadband Summit with FCC Commissioners and State Utility Commissioners for a Joint Conference on Advanced Services.

To read Spectrum Bridge's full report on the show, visit our Industry Events page, or click here for a pdf document.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Commentary on the White Space Vote

The white space issue was pushed through at the November 4th FCC meeting, probably as a political expedient. As such, it was not well supported or thought out. At this time it is likely that there will be a court challenge and possibly a review by the new administration. Both of which will significantly slow things down.

Even then, this is only the beginning; not the end. The FCC now has to define rules and regulations for the use of White Space and you can be sure all the interested parties will be actively involved. So it will take a significant amount of time before we can truly analyze the impact. Right now White Space is perched on the crest of the hype curve.

We will have to watch how deeply it drops into the trough of disillusionment before the reality can be assessed.