Friday, October 9, 2009

Spectrum Bridge replies to FCC’s NOI on Wireless Innovation and the National Broadband Plan

With the ratification of the FCC Chairman, commissioners and other key personnel complete, the commission has embarked on a series of inquiries to determine the policy and direction the FCC will take over the next four years. One NOI (pdf) on Investment and Innovation was atypical, referencing Spectrum Bridge by name when discussing secondary markets. Because of the unique areas of interest contained in this NOI (pdf), we felt compelled to provide our insight to the commission. In our response, we addressed several key points:
  • Accurate, Complete Spectrum Databases are Necessary for Efficient Spectrum Acquisition
  • The TV White Space Database Can Lead to Dynamic Spectrum Allocation
  • The Commission should educate the market, in part, through website enhancements that highlight the capabilities of spectrum coordination and secondary markets, as well as provide references to companies that are involved
  • Much of the innovation in the wireless industry comes from small companies or those outside the wireless industry, neither of which can compete in a high stakes auction for large swaths of spectrum against entrenched incumbents
  • There is no reason that a secondary market would devalue spectrum as an asset –it is just as likely to improve the value
  • Spectrum Bridge urged the Commission to foster wireless innovation by facilitating the development of a vibrant and dynamic secondary spectrum market
For the full text of our NOI response please click here (pdf).

Nearly 100 companies provided input and insight to the FCC on this NOI, many of whom supported our overall objectives and some, including Verizon and CTIA, specifically referenced examples of how Spectrum Bridge is taking a leadership position and making the secondary market for spectrum in to a reality.