Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spectrum Bridge announces uAccess™ and TV White Spaces Partner Program at CTIA Wireless 2011

Spectrum Bridge, Inc. is excited to announce a new app on the Android market called uAccess™ at the International CTIA Wireless 2011 conference in Orlando, FL. uAccess is an intelligent connection manager that finds available hot spots and automatically switches between 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connections. In addition to seamlessly switching your connection hands-free, the power-saving technology extends battery life of devices and provides maps to the nearest hot spots.

The uAccess benefits also extend beyond the device user to enterprise solutions by allowing IT managers the ability to control and manage user access in a corporate environment. Enterprise users can move between corporate and public networks without having to reconfigure devices while providing secure and reliable connectivity.

Spectrum Bridge is also pleased to announce the TV White Spaces Partnership Program which gives mobile device manufacturers, VARs and systems integrators the opportunity to accelerate the development of their TV White Spaces solutions. The program provides members with access to the Spectrum Bridge’s industry leading TV White Spaces technology, as well as technical and sales support.

For more information on uAccess and the underlying technology, please visit
uAccess.SpectrumBridge.com. For additional information on Spectrum Bridge’s TV White Spaces Partner Program, please click here.

-Andrew Pielack, Communications Coordinator

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Announcing Spectrum Bridge's Wireless Microphone Frequency Finder App

Today, Spectrum Bridge announced the release of our Wireless Microphone Frequency Locator app, available in the iPhone app store. This app allows users to quickly locate exclusively reserved and available TV band frequencies for unlicensed wireless microphone use anywhere in the country.

The FCC’s recently adopted rules accommodating the unlicensed operation of wireless microphones in the TV bands recognizes the importance of interference free transmission in venues across the country for performances, events and entertainment. The Wireless Microphone Frequency Locator app mitigates potential interference between wireless microphones and television bands devices in operation by identifying available TV channels for use by microphones based on a user’s location.

In order to accommodate the unlicensed part 15 wireless microphones operating in the newly released TV White Spaces bands, the FCC designated two unoccupied TV channels in all areas of the country specifically for wireless microphone use. In addition to these two channels, the app also identifies channels that will not be used by TV bands devices according to the white spaces rules, and are available for use by unlicensed wireless microphones. Due to the fact that available TV channels vary by location and are subject to change, this app provides users with up-to-date wireless microphone frequency availability for any U.S. location.

To learn more about wireless microphone use in TV White Spaces bands, visit our website here, or to search for available white spaces in your area, visit www.showmywhitespace.com.