Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Online Spectrum Management Tool Unveiled

Spectrum Bridge's newly-released "SmartWaves" allows businesses to effectively measure the utilization, performance and financial returns of their spectrum.

The “Software as a Service” (SaS) subscription platform integrates user specified data with FCC’s ULS system; creating a comprehensive, central repository of powerful, customized intelligence.

“This is the newest product for our customers and resellers that furthers our mission of transforming spectrum into a more accessible, productive and valuable resource for everyone,” said Richard Licursi, Spectrum Bridge CEO. “SmartWaves turns organizations’ spectrum assets into an integral component of their business opportunities, a benefit that is rapidly resonating with wireless professionals. By highlighting the market value and financial metrics of spectrum, SmartWaves is becoming a critical aspect of the wireless business planning process for delivering new technologies and advanced communication systems.”

“Anyone who needs to move beyond manually compiling and analyzing data on spreadsheets will appreciate SmartWaves as a replacement or enhancement to their existing system,” said Joe Caron, of Atlantic Communications Inc. “It was the Business Analytics that sold us, however. When we saw the demo we were impressed most by the market intelligence SmartWaves provides. With SmartWaves, we can now view our current spectrum market valuations down to the county level and graphically analyze competitors’ spectrum positions. That information is invaluable for an industry as competitive as ours.”

SmartWaves' easy to use interface enables users to instantaneously create cogent, graphical views and reports of their spectrum, network assets, and the marketplace that enhance strategic analysis and decision making for improved ROI.

For more information or to request a complimentary demonstration of SmartWaves, call Spectrum Bridge @ 407-792-1570, Ext. 510