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Spectrum Bridge Newsletter - June 2012

Spectrum Bridge Newsletter - June 2012 (


Spectrum Bridge Partners With Carlson Wireless to Deliver Broadband to Rural ...

MarketWatch (press release) -  
Carlson's RuralConnect products are designed to address the specific needs of the WISP, by harnessing the non-line of sight (NLOS) capabilities of TV White Space frequency bands to deliver speeds comparable to traditional wireless networks (up to ...

Microsoft And Nokia Now Partners: Will They Step Into White Space...

Seeking Alpha -  
The technologies for the cognitive radios over TV white space are under ... A total of 701 cognitive radio over TV White Space related patents (158 issued ...

Developing a test regime for white space communications devices

New Electronics -  
The digital switchover is making a range of spectrum available that is being vacated by analogue tv transmissions. Now industry is looking to exploit the …Neul developments

NAB Spectrum Concerns Go Beyond Borders

Broadcasting & Cable -  
By John Eggerton -- Broadcasting & Cable, 6/11/2012 12:01:00 AM IF MORE THAN ONE-FIFTH of all full-power TV stations are crying, “Oh, Canada,” it's for good reason: That many stations are being affected by unresolved spectrum coordination issues up ...

xG Technology, Inc. Continues Record Of Cognitive RadioInnovation With Six ...

MarketWatch (press release) -  
The awarded patents cover a wide range of technologies including spectrum sharing, media access control (MAC), mobile VoIP signaling and interference detection/mitigation.

Shared Spectrum Company Awarded American Technology Award

MarketWatch (press release) -  
MCLEAN, Va., Jun 14, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Shared Spectrum Company (SSC), the leading innovator of dynamic spectrum access and cognitive radio ...

Shared Spectrum Company Awarded Additional Patents forSpectrum Sharing Technology

MarketWatch (press release) -  
VIENNA, Va., Jun 11, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Shared Spectrum Company (SSC), the leading innovator of Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) and spectrum sharing technology, has recently been awarded two new additional patents from the US Patent and Trademark ...

Preparations underway for coming of Broadband Intgernet

Clay-Times Journal -  
TV White Spaces does a much better job of coverage in terrain and pine trees but it is more expensive. It's frequency range is 420 to 700 gigaheertz which will ...

The technology that makes adaptive radio systems work comes mostly from startups. Spectrum Bridge manages a database of radio frequencies; adaptive radios check it to know which ones to avoid. Neul, 6harmonics, and Adaptrum all make various pieces of the radios or antennae.

White Space Broadband: Hope for Rural America? A New Alternative Finally ...

Dslreports -  
White Space broadband came about after the switch to digital television from analog opened up new frequencies to use for other things.

Adaptive radio may upend wireless spectrum system

San Francisco Chronicle -  
Carriers must spend billions to license chunks of spectrum to make sure their subscribers can connect wherever they go. A radio from Neul - or one of several startups working on similar technology - upends this whole system.

Is white space the next frontier for mobile operators?

FierceWireless -  
Much has been promised from the potential of utilising white space spectrum, which is basically unused gaps between TV broadcast channels.


Genachowski to Focus On Broadband In Senate Testimony

Broadcasting & Cable -  
... refer to TV, but only to make the point that the FCC has already freed up some broadcast spectrum for unlicensed devices in the so called TV "white spaces." ...

Randall Stephenson: Spectrum and the Wireless Revolution

Wall Street Journal -  
But it equally depends on an unseen scarce resource: the radio waves, orspectrum, that transmit mobile data. The demand for mobile data is now roughly doubling every year.

US and Mexico ink agreements on spectrum sharing in 800MHz/1900MHz bands

TeleGeography -  
Spectrum sharing agreements have reportedly been reached between the US telecoms regulator, the Federal Communications Committee (FCC), and Mexican telecoms officials regarding frequencies in the 800MHz and 1900MHz bands.

Europe crams ultra-fast 4G into tight spectrum crack

Register -  
By Bill Ray • Get more from this author Euro telecoms regulator CEPT has released 120MHz of shiny new radio spectrum for "ultra-fast mobile broadband", which would be more impressive if the bands weren't full of reasonably fast data already.

Verizon Rebuts Spectrum Warehousing Claims

Wireless Week -  
Verizon Wireless continues its effort to convince the FCC to approve its $3.9 billion purchase of AWSspectrum as the clock ticks down on the deal.

Steering Clear of the Perfect Spectrum Storm

TechNewsWorld -  
We all followed AT&T's attempt to acquire T-Mobile last year. That should have been our wake-up call to a growing industry problem: spectrum shortage.

Broadcasters Need FCC Repacking Info: Study

Multichannel News -  
Former FCC chief economist Thomas Hazlett and the National Association of Broadcasters have been on opposite sides of the spectrum reclamation debate, but 


Numerex and Transatel collaborate on M2M solution deployment in ...

MarketWatch (press release) -  
Numerex Corp (NASDAQ:NMRX) is a leading provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) business services, technology, and products used in the development and 

Verizon to Acquire Hughes Telematics, Inc.

MarketWatch (press release) -  
... and fleet telematics marketplace and accelerate growth in key vertical segments, including emerging machine-to-machine (M2M) services applications driven 

ERF Wireless Rolls Out Next Generation Product Suite to the Oil and ...

MarketWatch (press release) -  
"We lease these products to our oil and gas customers on a day rate just like we do ... if they are not under the Energy Broadband terrestrial wireless coverage.

Ambient: 100000 Smart Grid Nodes, One Customer

Greentech Media -  
Ambient builds business with key customer Duke Energy, but will it be able to expand to keep up growth?

Making the case for an Internet-enabled smart grid

Fierce Smart Grid -  
It is clearly time for a quantum leap to a more robust and much smarter grid. But the smart grid we are envisioning will increase grid complexity by at least an ...