Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spectrum Marketplace Gets Upgraded

SpecEx, the online marketplace for spectrum™ announced new features for members and visitors this week. An email alert was sent out notifying members and interested parties of the recent upgrades, with a bulleted list of additions:
  • Real-time searches for available spectrum – now open to ALL visitorssearch now
  • Satellite mapping of offered frequencies
  • Share, print or bookmark favorite listings
  • “Knowledge Center” containing complete historical auction data

These features were added to the original SpecEx features:

  • Nationwide spectrum inventory
  • Request spectrum you need
  • Custom “Watch List” feature
  • One-step easy listing of unused spectrum assets
  • A growing channel partner program
  • Access to spectrum experts

One of the most significant changes to the SpecEx site is the ability for non-members to do a search for available spectrum from the homepage. Earlier versions of the site required membership to search through the marketplace's inventory (with a possible fee attached). But now, with the browsing ability open to all, the SpecEx site has become more friendly to anyone curious to what is accessible on the secondary market.

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