Friday, March 27, 2009

The First Private Online Spectrum Auction

By enhancing SpecEx, we are now able to offer a unique auction ability for spectrum holders to market and sell their excess spectrum licenses. At the IWCE tradeshow in Las Vegas we made the announcement of an offering which will be up for auction:

(1.) Very High Frequency (VHF) spectrum licenses covering 78 counties in Florida and South Georgia

For the show, we also created a flyer with some additional info: Auction Flyer

This spectrum is highly desirable due to its geographic coverage and the wide availability of compatible digital radio equipment from leading vendors including Motorola, Kenwood, Midland and others. In fact, some of the spectrum to be auctioned is being used by Motorola to showcase their MOTOTRBO radio system at the IWCE 2009 Expo.

“With multiple wireless networks across the United States, we are focusing our resources on growing these operational markets,” said Scott MacIntyre, President of Data Radio Management Company Inc. “The undeveloped spectrum assets in Florida are valuable, but they no longer fit in to our current business plans. We’ve had a great working relationship with the Spectrum Bridge team for over a year so we are excited that they offered us the opportunity to monetize this spectrum using an online auction. One of the big advantages of an auction is that it creates an open and level playing field for all interested buyers.”

The licenses can be used for specialized mobile radio (SMR) services, as well as government and private voice/data radio systems. Utilities, oil and gas producers, casinos, transportation, public safety and emergency response agencies, as well as other enterprises and agencies that must reliability communicate with large fleets of two-way radios, can benefit from this spectrum.

For additional auction information, complete prospectus or other license details, please call 1-866-598-7426 or contact Mickey DeChellis at (407) 792-1570 x513.

We also have an area set up on our homepage titled "Announcing the Industry's First Online Spectrum Auction" with some linked articles and the official press release.

Additional licenses for sale or lease can be found at

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