Friday, April 2, 2010

The Message is Clear - More Spectrum Needed

Last week, Spectrum Bridge attended the CTIA Wireless exhibition in Las Vegas, NV. The prevailing message at CTIA this year was “more spectrum” in coherence with the National Broadband Plan, from femtocells to the allocation of additional spectrum bands by the FCC. The demand for spectrum extends far past the wireless industry – it is evidenced by many of the markets we serve, including: rural, municipalities, utilities, railways, and application developers. As the demand for broadband grows, along with the number of private networks, high bandwidth applications, and next generation devices; the need for maximizing spectrum access, allocation, and availability becomes key. This message is very much in line with our belief at Spectrum Bridge, Inc. (“SBI”) that demand for Broadband access is insatiable and in order to keep up with the ever-increasing demand, we must provide alternative solutions to alleviate spectrum scarcity and increase spectrum efficiency.

Attending the Andrew Seybold Awards dinner honoring the most innovative companies contributing wireless mobility products and concepts, was exciting for us to see how far the wireless industry has come and the limitless possibilities ahead of us. We were excited to receive the award for “Most Innovative Mobile Technology of 2010” for our TV White Spaces Network, as it validates the importance of our work with TV White Spaces to help support the FCC’s goals of providing more Broadband access nationwide. As the FCC noted in the NBP, our trial networks in Claudville, VA and Wilmington/New Hanover County, NC have demonstrated the promise and potential for TV white space spectrum. As we continue to perfect our skills in the TV White Spaces arena and develop new technology and software to help accommodate the growing demand for spectrum, we are excited about the future of this industry and our involvement in it.

Chris Duffus

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