Friday, March 19, 2010

SBI Supports the FCC's Broadband Plan

On March 16th, the FCC fulfilled its Congressional mandate with the long awaited release of the National Broadband Plan (NBP). The plan specifies a number of goals and objectives to meet the nation’s broadband needs over the next ten years. A number of the recommendations relate to spectrum and the use of wireless technology in support of these goals. Spectrum Bridge is uniquely positioned to provide the technology and solutions to support these recommendations.

RECOMMENDATION 4.1 states “the federal government, including the FCC, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and Congress, should make more spectrum available for existing and new wireless broadband providers in order to foster additional wireless-wireline competition at higher speed tiers.”

SBI’s Spectrum Exchange creates a single point for anyone to locate and access available spectrum, helping to foster competition in the industry, while allowing for better utilization of bandwidth through a multitude of spectrum allocation solutions.

RECOMMENDATION 5.7 states “the FCC should evaluate the effectiveness of its secondary markets policies and rules to promote access to unused and underutilized spectrum.”

The FCC should complete its assessment of potential barriers by the end of 2010; however, today Spectrum Bridge is uniquely positioned to help the FCC in this goal
, as we already are the “biggest and best secondary marketplace for spectrum”, as defined by our innovative Spectrum Exchange tool.

RECOMMENDATION 5.12 in section 5.6 states “the FCC should move expeditiously to conclude the TV white spaces proceeding.” Additionally, Spectrum Bridge’s wireless network architecture technology was referenced “to provide broadband service to a school in rural Virginia and are currently being used for demonstration of a wireless broadband network in Wilmington, North Carolina.”

Stay up to date with SBI's future white space network deployments as we continue to explore new applications for TV White Spaces spectrum to help support the FCC's goals.

RECOMMENDATION 5.13 states “the FCC should spur further development and deployment of opportunistic uses across more radio spectrum.”

SBI’s use of cognitive networking technology to more effectively access, acquire and manage wireless spectrum and network assets supports the FCC’s vision. Otherwise known as Universal Spectrum Access (USA), our solution provides access to bandwidth through available networks within the range of their device whether using a Smartphone, netbook, or laptop.

With technology becoming an everyday part of our lives, nationwide broadband access is becoming more critical. As FCC Chairman Genachowski mentions in this interview with CitizenTube, broadband is a key infrastructure for the 21st century. The FCC’s bold vision for the future of broadband validates the core concepts that have driven our own innovations here at Spectrum Bridge. Our cognitive networking technology provides the capability to increase the availability and access to spectrum and network resources while optimizing the allocation of bandwidth within the network gives our customers an effective tool for their next generation wireless needs.

The FCC’s vision for the future of broadband is a major turning point for our industry, as demands for this finite resource continue to grow by leaps and bounds, it is encouraging to see the government address the broadband needs of our country to help foster innovation, productivity and growth. As the plan awaits scrutiny from Congress, and new rulemakings go into effect over the coming months in response to the plan’s recommendations, we look forward to utilizing our tools and resources to help implement the long term goals of the FCC.

- Joe Hamilla, COO

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