Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tyco Electronics to Build New Rapid Transit Communications System

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) agency is now working with Tyco Electronics to deploy a new type of critical communications system. Called OpenSky, the technology will allow tracking of fixed route busses with GPS and provide frequencies to DART Police, light rail, para transit and vehicle lane operations. In addition, rider information such as rail to bus transitions will be linked and tracked.

When complete, the OpenSky solution will be able to handle over 3,000 indoor/outdoor radio users on a cutting edge private voice and data system covering 13 cities. It is based on the widely-accepted IS-732 protocol to support mobile applications with end-to-end TCP/IP connectivity.

Initially operating on DART's 800 and 900 spectrum, the system is a prime example of transportation agencies using wireless to enhance rider experience and streamline operations.

Although DART appears to have sufficient spectrum on-hand for this deployment, other agencies who do not have enough spectrum already available to deploy similar systems can readily buy or lease suitable spectrum on the secondary (i.e. open) market.

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