Friday, May 1, 2009

Clearwire's Spectrum Holdings Could Fuel Its Strategic Investors' Wireless Ambitions

As Clearwire fends off a class action lawsuit and acknowledges they will need billions more of investment dollars to complete their nationwide build out, one asset they hold is still keeping their strategic corporate backers smiling.

Clearwire claims to hold more valuable spectrum than any other U.S. wireless operator. To investors such as Google, Comcast, Intel and Time Warner, the frequencies mean more than just airwaves to experiment with; they could provide the spectrum needed to fuel their own wireless network ambitions.

This could give these Clearwire investors a way to directly compete with incumbent wireless carriers – with or without Clearwire’s network. It could also put more rational competitors, like Microsoft and wire line telephone companies on the defensive since they do not have ready access these massive spectrum assets.

No matter where Clearwire is headed, it will be interesting to see how their spectrum is ultimately utilized.

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