Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Upcoming Broadband Stimulus Webinar

Co-sponsored by the Rural Telecommunications Group, The Brattle Group and Spectrum Bridge, Inc, this free, 45 minute Webinar will provide valuable insights on the requirements and selection process of applying for and securing Broadband Stimulus funds.

The Broadband Technology Opportunities Program consists of $7.2 in federal funding allocated for new and expanded broadband services projects. The program has been the subject of two months of NTIA and RUS sponsored roundtable discussions for the purpose of identifying key issues the government will need to better define before issuing final rules regarding grant qualifications and award processes.

With the first grants expected to be awarded in June, decisions will likely happen quickly and close to the deadlines. This webinar is designed to help prospective applicants keep their fingers on the pulse of the latest information and inform them with strategies they’ll need for obtaining broadband stimulus funds.

Some of the topics Dr. Bazelon and Mr. Stanforth will cover are:

  • Project qualifications
  • Application requirements, deadlines and funding schedules
  • State governments’ role
  • Details determining waivers for the proposed 20% capital investment
  • Economic and financial strategies to create project visibility and priority
  • Licensed spectrum’s role in securing Broadband Stimulus funds
  • Strategies for quickly obtaining affordable spectrum

Attendees will have an opportunity to pose specific questions at the conclusion of the presentation.

Key presenter Dr. Coleman Bazelon is a principal at The Brattle Group, Inc., and an expert in regulation and strategy for the wireless, wireline, and video sectors. He consults and testifies on behalf of clients in numerous telecommunications matters, and frequently advises regulatory and legislative bodies, including the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and the U.S. Congress.

Peter Stanforth is the CTO and co-founder of Spectrum Bridge, Inc. Prior to Spectrum Bridge, Mr. Stanforth was co-founder and CTO of MeshNetworks, Inc., where he authored numerous patents on ad hoc and broadband wireless technologies.

Attendance is free, but seats are limited. To register:

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