Friday, April 24, 2009

How Much is Your Spectrum Worth?

A significant and recurring question in the spectrum industry today is “how much are my spectrum assets worth?” Besides previous FCC auction data and industry news of spectrum sales or leases, spectrum holders and buyers do not have many references or benchmarks available to them when it comes to spectrum valuation. Compiling past auction data, referencing the Internet and public information sites can be a very complex, confusing and time-consuming process.

Spectrum Bridge solves this problem with a comprehensive valuation service. The knowledge and information gathered from a valuation report places a spectrum holder or buyer in the best position in the buying or selling process. Our valuations include analysis of:

  • Recent transaction data from the SpecEx marketplace
  • Geographic data mapping & analysis of FCC market boundaries and surrounding site based licenses
  • The Brattle Group secondary market transaction history
  • ComStudy research & analysis
  • Industry & market demand
  • Our proprietary pricing model based on current and future population projections
Reports also provide a comprehensive description of capabilities, potential and other factors revealed through research and analysis. Specifically, our spectrum valuation reports identify:
  • Comparables of recent Spectrum sales
  • New and Innovative methods for uses of the Spectrum Assets
  • Enterprises using similar spectrum today
  • Available equipment & application types
  • Impact of Incumbents, unjust enrichment and build out-requirements
  • Potential Impact of proposed, pending or recent FCC rule changes
  • Mapping of spectrum assets and surrounding spectrum environment
  • Spectrum Bridge Appraisal Report & Valuation Services

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