Friday, July 13, 2012

Listen to "The Power & Potential of the Unlicensed Economy" radio cast

Following Monday's broadcast that highlighted a real-world broadband application of TV white space technology, host Craig Settles conducts interviews at the conference "The Power and Potential of the Unlicensed Economy." This conference explored the role of unlicensed spectrum in our economy and the future of innovation in the U.S.

Cutting through marketing hype and tech jargon, interviews with Harold Feld, Sr. VP and Legal Director of the public advocacy group Public Knowledge and Edgar Figueroa, President and CEO of WiFi Alliance, help broadband stakeholders and supporters understand the value TV white spaces offer.

Listen to the radio cast now

Listeners will learn:
  • how white spaces and other unlicensed spectrum can make broadband cheaper and faster to deploy in some communities
  • why "Super WiFi" is not the best way to describe this technology
  • what kinds of applications to expect from networks built using unlicensed spectrum

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