Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super WiFi Summit - Recap

Last week, Spectrum Bridge had the opportunity to attend and present at the Super WiFi Summit in Miami, and hear from many of the major players in the white spaces arena. We were impressed with the dynamic industry speakers who spoke on the regulatory timetable for white space, as well as future applications utilizing database driven technology.

Many of the speakers touched on next steps for white spaces – beginning with the nine database service providers, including Spectrum Bridge, meeting in an FCC-organized workshop on March 10th to discuss database operation, consistency, compliance and to schedule public trials for the database. Other key points from the panelists included the future application of database driven technology in other bands of spectrum to help open up additional bandwidth, as well as expanding the opportunity in white spaces globally.

One concern raised by the audience was the possibility of TV white spaces spectrum becoming reallocated. Although it is too soon to tell what will happen, as Google’s FCC representative, Rick Whitt put it, “the sooner we can prove the technology, the sooner we can prove the value of white spaces.” Spectrum Bridge has been at the forefront of this new technology, proving the value of white spaces in different applications through multiple trial networks. We are looking forward to continuing the momentum in white spaces through commercial network deployments later on this year. Stay tuned to Spectrum Bridge news by subscribing to our newsletter or checking out our Facebook and Twitter pages!

- Allison Ng, Product Marketing Associate

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