Friday, February 19, 2010

Find Available Licensed Spectrum Online

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In answer to the FCC’s request for making spectrum more readily available and easier to obtain, there have been a variety of methods created for license holders and new entities looking to complete spectrum transactions. Many of these exist in the spreadsheets on the desks of traditional Spectrum Brokers, but the standout of the wireless industry is called SpecEx.

As the online marketplace for spectrum™, SpecEx allows unequalled access to frequencies currently being offered by license holders. Dubbed “the eBay of wireless spectrum,” a visitor of can quickly search available licenses by radio code, frequency band, location and more.

SpecEx also acts as a service to request specific frequencies of spectrum across the US. If a visitor cannot find what they are searching for in the exchange’s database, the site accepts spectrum requests from members and non-members alike. With their secondary market knowledge, SpecEx associates help find frequencies and even post requests to the “Wanted Ads” section of the Website.

With a next-generation exchange like SpecEx, professionals have a streamlined way to sell, lease, partition, disaggregate, time share and purchase spectrum; just as the FCC has envisioned. In a world where we hear the phrase, “spectrum scarcity” used so often, this online exchange provides instant access to available spectrum and removes previous roadblocks of secondary market spectrum transactions.

Next in the series, we’ll discuss the Future of TV White Spaces

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