Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spectrum Bridge Surpasses $8 million in Spectrum Transactions, Forecasts Robust Growth

This week we announced several significant second quarter milestones, including over $8 million in secondary spectrum market transactions and related services on SpecEx has amassed a growing inventory including somewhere around three billion MHz pops, or nearly 5% the total available market in spectrum coverage. This represents over 2,200 call signs and scores of spectrum holders, making it the single largest, non-carrier aggregator of spectrum nationwide.

Launches of additional member services and resources, including the SpecEx Spectrum Index®, spectrum valuations, as well as partnering and networking services through a growing ecosystem have also made it the largest online community of spectrum professionals.

Recent testimonials include: member Jerry Wilke, president of the Rural Telecommunications Group said “Spectrum Bridge simplified the process of finding the right spectrum to expand my clients’ and RTG members’ wireless networks. I was able to quickly search through hundreds of millions of dollars worth of available spectrum and find exactly what my clients needed. People have been talking about the need for an online spectrum marketplace for years. Spectrum Bridge has delivered a powerful solution that works.”

“SpecEx is the go-to place for spectrum,” said Bob Metcalf, senior director of technology management at MidAmerican Energy. “In addition to their online tools, they have a knowledgeable team of professionals who deliver a high degree of service and expertise. This is precisely the kind of solution busy utility operations like ours need to help advance important initiatives for efficient service delivery.”

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