Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ShowMyWhiteSpace.com Database and Shape Files Updated

ShowMyWhiteSpace.com continues to receive steady traffic. The web site provides tools and resources that make TV white space easy for everyone to find and understand. TV white space channels are the unused and unassigned TV channels left over after the digital TV transition on June 12th 2009. The FCC will allow these unused TV channels to be used by part 15 (unlicensed) wireless devices, like cordless phones, WiFi like access points, etc. However, the number and frequencies of these channels vary substantially by location.

A few days before the digital TV transition on June 12th, Spectrum Bridge updated the database used by our white space search tool with the latest FCC TV broadcast license file. Fresh shape files (used to determine in-use TV channel exclusion zones) were also generated using this updated database. These changes deliver search results that more accurately reflect the available white space channel map resulting from the June 12th DTV transition.

To find the TV white space channels anywhere in the country, please visit http://www.showmywhitespace.com/

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