Friday, February 6, 2009

DistribuTECH Show - Short Review

In a time of economic downturn, how many companies are willing to participate in trade shows? Apparently plenty; this year’s DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition drew a record crowd, impressive since the event is in its 19th year.

The 2009 DistribuTECH ran from February 3-5 and contained over 325 booths, covering approximately 89,000 square feet in the San Diego Convention Center. Spectrum Bridge exhibited and sent three staff members to the show: Walt Bolil, Business Development Manager; Lou Eisenberg, Senior Account Manager; and Michael DeBoer, Marketing Manager.

“Smart utilities are looking for a more stable way to ensure their new devices stay connected rather than relying on unlicensed frequencies or carrier networks" said DeBoer. "When they invest tens of millions of dollars into upgrading to smart grid equipment, the wireless infrastructure it is all based on should be solid; which is where dedicated licensed frequencies can be to their obvious advantage.”

One of the high points of the show was when a Saturn Sky roadster was given away. Attendees had to visit a select number of booths to get a card stamped for entry into the drawing. Once all the stamps were collected, the card was turned in at the PennWell booth (the show organizers). On the last day of DistribuTECH, a large crowd gathered at the PennWell site to see who would win. Three names were drawn and one winner picked. The winner was shaking at the knees when he was chosen; a great moment.

Congratulations to PennWell and all who made the 2009 DistribuTECH show such a success.

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