Thursday, January 1, 2009

SpecEx v1.5 Released

By Michelle Palmer, Director of Software Engineering, Spectrum Bridge

In our latest release of SpecEx, we have reached out to the licensed spectrum community to identify and prioritize a list of system enhancements. Our goal around this effort was to increase the usability of our products and services for both seekers and sellers of spectrum. As a result, we have added valuable data visualization tools and developed intuitive operational methods for member actions.

The following listing describes major enhancements added to the system for release 1.5 of

Enhanced Mapping Base Data
We have upgraded our spectrum mapping visualization capabilities by adding satellite imagery and have increased the granularity of our base map to include local roadways and bodies of water. By making these changes we are effectively assisting users in determining if the spectrum they are selling or looking to purchase/lease has any discerning characteristics such as water bodies, high population levels, and varying ground elevations. These capabilities allow for better planning and implementation of a wireless network infrastructure.

Fixed Transmitter Contour Visualization
There has been much excitement about our newest capability of mapping fixed transmitter locations for site based and microwave licenses. We have developed and implemented calculations to display estimated service contours boundaries by frequency and have calculated area (sq miles) and population data for each contour boundary within a license. This powerful feature gives spectrum holders and buyers the capability of truly distinguishing coverage areas for network implementations.

Linkage to FCC Website for Portfolio Tracking
We have enabled users to register their FRN numbers with us for portfolio tracking and have built direct links to the FCC for viewing of license details for a selected call sign. This allows for an up to date view on license and lease details while still allowing for interaction within SpecEx.

Spectrum Holder Comments and Disclosures to Potential Buyers or Lessees
We understand how important it is for potential users of spectrum to understand what it is they are buying, for this reason we have added the capability for holders to specify comments and disclosures to buyers along with updated construction and reporting dates. Disclosures include the ability to specify if the spectrum has a geographic partitioning and/or channel disaggregation.

Spectrum Listing Search
Our spectrum listing search tools now include the ability for users to search market and/or site based listings by geographic area. A spatial query is performed using our underlying databases to show the user the spectrum they need where they need it. This new search type may be used in tandem with our original licensed based search capabilities. The user may specify the number of records to display on the results screen and whether or not they would like to view the listings on a map.

Spectrum Holder Listing Review
Spectrum sellers now have the ability of filtering and sorting their active spectrum listings in a variety of ways (FRN, Call Sign, Bids/Offers, Price, and Listing Creation date). SpecEx will display the total estimated spectrum value based on ask price set for spectrum listings and the filters selected.

Export Capabilities
The addition of export routines allows holders and buyers of spectrum to export their search results and holder listings to a Microsoft Excel worksheet for offline viewing and record keeping.

Future releases for the site are already in the works. We are continuously receiving feedback in the form of our community’s thoughts, opinions, and request for enhancements. We would like to invite you to try our system either on your own or via demonstration and look forward to any comments you may have.

SpecEx has always been about creating a marketplace where holders and seekers of spectrum could come together and leverage the secondary spectrum market; with your help it is successfully happening.

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