Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thanks Larry!

Larry Page: U.S. government should open up its spectrum.

If you read Larry Page's comments reported in the referenced article he could have been talking about Spectrum Bridge.

Within the next couple of months we will have all the capability Larry envisions online. I can't wait. We agree with everything Larry says, but would go further...

The FCC currently has a huge stash of "orphaned" spectrum that is too fragmented to auction in the traditional manner, but the spectrum exchange would be a great place to make it available to the commercial community while making some valuable revenue for the Government. So what sort of spectrum is out there?

First, there are holes between licenses. Many licenses are described as circles that don't overlap so there is the space between the circles. Then there are the left over pieces of spectrum from auctions that did not sell. Add in the little left over’s from various partitioning exercises over the years and spectrum returned to the FCC for one reason or another and the stash gets pretty big.

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